About Detroit Thermal

100 Years of Energy
for Detroiters

Unique among Detroit utilities, Detroit Thermal delivers clean steam energy through an extensive, redundant, underground network that runs throughout the greater downtown Detroit area and services more than 100 buildings. The steam is used for space heating, domestic hot water heating, absorption chilling, humidification, cooking, sterilization and beer brewing. Produced with clean natural gas, our environmentally friendly system offers building owners and facilities managers several important advantages:

Detroit Thermal’s steam distribution system has been an innovative energy solution for Detroit since 1903. More than 100 years later, it is still providing clean, safe steam energy as effectively as ever–only now, it is partially derived from clean, renewable sources.

Detroit Thermal is a critical piece of Detroit’s energy infrastructure and economic recovery. The extensive network provides steam for cost-effective space heating, hot water heating and absorption cooling to more than 100 buildings throughout the greater downtown area.

Sometimes referred to as “district energy,” our service is an alternative to the cost and complexity of operating on-site steam boilers, water chillers or other energy systems.

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